Thursday, 28 June 2012

Happy Kawaii 100th Blog Entry!

Have I really done 100 Blog post entry's ?

It is such a mile stone for me as I am Dyslexic and some times worry how my blog will read for others. 
I am so glad changed the direction of the Blog to all things Kawaii and made it more me with my personal entry's of the Shred and Modelling even my Love for Wigs!
I just want to Thank every one.

From the Company's,Sellers,Online shops.Other Bloggers and even the Models that all have featured and given me permission to use them in my blog!
Thanks you guys xxx

And A big Thank you to my Followers and Readers!
Because its you guys that are the ones that read my Blog and thank you for all the lovely Comments and support!

so lets aim to make the next 100 entry's even more Kawaii!
Keep up to date with me on my face book account and Kawaii Tartan Face book Page.
And Dont for get to seen me a Tweet!
Yay for 100 Posts!

Stay Super Kawaii!

Friday, 22 June 2012

New Outfits

So my new outfits came this week one is stunning brand new Gothic Lolita Dress its so pretty!
Also I bought a 2nd hand Dress that a JSK black and white its very pretty and something to use until I can save up for shipping and getting a few dresses of my own.

This weekend I'm booked for a shoot Urban Fantasy Photography,Finally found some one who is open minded to do a Gothic cute Lolita shoot.I will be using my new Gothic Lolita Dress and a Wig I have not mentioned,That I have to keep it a surprise but if you go to my Facebook I may post up a sneaky look !I am praying that the rain holds off as its a outside location shoot!Thats the only thing with Scottish weather.Its been Rain,Rain and well more Rain.
In other news,I have won a competition and won a Bow from kookii boutique

This is here its so cool!


So I can not wait to get my prize I fell in love with it when I saw the prize and even if I had not won I want to get hold of one as next month It will be My birthday!

(omgee! it s not far away!)
I have nothing planned for it mind you.

But cause I won it,I need to rethink what I would like for my birthday.

My shoot on Sunday got postponed to later in July.But I hope to have a other shoot's done,As I have lots of ideas but for some reason not many photographers are up for the ideas.
Oh well im sure my darling sister who is a professional will be up to do them with me and get my daughter in them too!

I am also awaiting my  new bows from Starry eyed bowtique that i put on order too and will be reviewing them,Part from that nothing really much else to say or blog.

So till later
Stay Super Kawaii

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Discovered a Dreamy Shop

Wow !
My my I have found myself a delightful little online shop.

This shop is called Dreamy store.found here!
Its quite a new shop and  that is quite exciting because it means I can keep a eye out via Facebook for updates and so should you!
This is a UK based Wig/Lolita shop.Which is a Plus for me being in the UK.As I said its fairly new so there is not much in the shop as of yet but there is to be a range of goodies to come likes of sweet Lolita, Fairy-Kei and general/daily yet super cute wigs.

I really love these colourful wigs but would I suit the blonde??
You can also find Dreamy at Etsy as well.
The Wonderful young lady who runs the store is a delightful and sweet thing who has lots of goals and dreams for her shop and has such passion about it too.Which means you will be meeting a seller who loves the very items she sells and get great customer service too.
I also noticed the the postage is for 1st class recorded which is a good thing that way you know your wigs will get to you on time and safely.

I named the above wig collection "Heavens Curls Collection" and they picked my name for the wigs!
(my claim to fame haha)

I can not really comment on the wigs them self's as I have not got one from here (yet...need to save up some penny's and I need to replace my black twin falls wig...maybe I should get some more colourful ones...*day dreams*).
I wish I could review on for you all since I loves my wigs but you will have to wait.


However I wanted to let you all know that there is a UK base Wig Supplier so what you waiting for?

You can stay super Kawaii with these!
Tartan x

Friday, 15 June 2012

Lock Shop Wig Review

So I finally got around to getting full head wigs from the Lock Shop
I have blogged about them many times,From my own orders to new things the shop has to offer.I in the end got 2 wigs from the newest collection 'Angelic'.Which comes in a Range of colours and some new colours have come to the shop! 

So Let have a look of the new Range,

This is the Honey colour one I Really love this style its very cute and Dreamy looking!

I have the above wig its stunning the colour and style looks so REAL!
Its very natural looking and the curls are easy to look after.

I love this pastel mix with blonde soo cute!

The other thing about this style is the fact these wigs are very light to wear,When you get your wig it comes with a free netted cap to put on before your wig to hide your real hair and because its breathable you don't notice the cap and or the wig because they are very light.Not like the GLW spiral wig I have its very thick and heavy to wear but I wore my auburn wig all day and forgot it was on to be honest.

Introducing the 2 tone Wig
This one is stunning!
Again the postage was fast and your order comes with instructions on how to look after your wigs and how to store them which is handy if you have never had a wig and are a bit worried about getting it wrong.
If you do buy a wig don't for get and buy a wig comb or a extra large tooth comb .
DON'T use a normal brush or you will risk damaging the fibres and making the wig utterly fizzy and knotted.

This is super cute and you can get the matching buns for this pastel blue and purple!
I do highly recommend these wigs and also there is a new mermaid wig been added in a new colour.

I really like this one its like a rock and roll chic or you could make it very Gothic with a nice outfit and the best thing is you don't need to ever set foot into a salon to get a colour done to your hair and think of the money you are saving,But one wig in a colour you like and you can transform at will!
No need to do roots,or re colour!
.  So again if you don't have it here is the Shop's Link....
And Facebook.
What are you waiting for GO! BUY!

Stay Super Kawaii with your Wigs!
Tartan xx

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Japanese Fan's Heaven

At the start of the year I came across a very interesting online shop,I was looking for a Gift and wanted it to be a Japanese Gift.This shop is called The Japanese Shop.
You can find them here with this Link.
I really like this shop it is a Japanese Fan's Heaven,It covers almost everything to decorate your home with all things Japanese.
Also as it was a gift I was looking for I took them up on the free gift wrap service and It was so pretty and neatly done,The person (My other half) did not want to open it because they were so impressed.
I got my package of goodies from them.

A Lucky Black Cat and a 2 sets of Chopsticks with a Chopstick holder.

Red and Black with Fans on my new Chopsticks.

My Kanji 'Moon' Chopstick Holder

My new Neko close up.I got it as it looks just like my own Leo Cat!
He even came with his own Red Mat bless!
What I do like about the online shop is that its very informative,It gives you lots of information on the products,even details of how some of the products are made to information of the history of the item for example the Lucky cats and what they are even for.Which is great of any one who has just fallen in love with Japan and a great reminder of the meaning these products have.

This was What I got for my other half.And I also got a Card which is below that I later Framed and put up on the wall for every to see Its so pretty I really need to get a other one like 'Family' or 'Happiness' maybe even ''Kawaii''!

Below is my my 2 Lucky cats The Japanese shop do have the white one but I got this one in London when I was visiting and would love to get the other ones that are the same shape but in other versions of colour.

They look so cute!
I would say that the prices are not to high and you get good quality products,I love how everything I have bought has come in nice bold strong colours and that the items have not got damaged in the post either.
You can also find The Japanese shop on Facebook.
I do highly suggest you take a look around or if you are near by you can go check out their new show room!
You can check the details out here!
Maybe Ill take a Trip and go in my Gothic Lolita!

There is so much to look at on the online website there is so many things I want!
From Table ware to Furoshiki (Cloths used for gift wrapping )even stunning Kimono's.
(I want one!)
And they regularly have new things added to the list of products.
Go what are you waiting for?
Go see what you can find and treat yourself!

Stay super Kawaii and very cultural !
Tartan x

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Sassy N punk is a online Boutique.
I love there colourful stuff and with my soft spot for Sailor moon who can not resist a good look on what they have to offer! I have been looking at all their things and loved so many Kawaii products that are loud colourful and different to some of the UK online shops.I like to vary my Kawaii stuff.

You will find sassyNpunk here and I highly recommend that you check the out,I have seen a few things I really liked,Though I am a child in a candy shop when it comes to Kawaii products but One product caught my eye that really is cute 

I ordered this necklace.
There is a reason why I fell in love with it is these Macaroon's are quite popular in France and with my other half being in jersey it was his folks that were telling me all about them  when they were in France and I have been allured by them ever since to maybe this is why I got this one in the end.

When I opened it up I was like a child all giggly inside and loved the attention to detail of the Macaroon the outer of it being smooth and a Gem on it and The edging having the detail of a Real Macaroon.

.The inside or Filling I should say has glittery mini gold balls and one large Gem in it and is in the perfect whipped filling shape its just Magic!
~Can you tell I am impressed?!

It came on a pretty shiny Ball style chain and its quite sturdy,It needs to be with my little Chibi bean with her grabby hands.

And There is actually some weight the product,But I am glad cause that way I would notice if my lil Macaroon was to be lost and lets hope that never happens cause I would be very sad.The shipping also took about 15-18 days and was not expensive at all and the website was easy to use thought sometimes I felt like I had to dig through all the Kawaii stuff but in a good way!

I already have a Great idea for a shoot for this to be in with my outfit and accessories so sassyNpunk Watch this space!

The other things I really loved from sassyNpunk was this necklace that was done in Kanji and means Beautiful in Japanese and this other one that you get it made with your name !
Which is really cool!
Again they have a nice range and I love the sailor moon stuff but also they have a range of make up of really great and loud colours,Handbags,Gifts and sNp Products.

*All Images below belong to sassyNpunk*
It means beautiful in Japanese.

get your own name on this one.

Check out the Kawaii Red Hello Kitty Bag 

image belongs to sassyNpunk.
It looks so classy.

And this Bow-tastic head band it just cute.

Dont forget to check out the Sailor Moon Stuff too!

Also I did find this Cutie hehe.

image belongs to sassyNpunk.

and you have to love this Doctor cat Plush too.

image belongs to sassyNpunk.

They also have a nice range of Sweetpea and Fay Cosmetics which are not tested on animals and come in some really magic colours,Ive not come across this Cosmetic range before and would love to give it a go some time.

So check out the Facebook Page to keep up to date with them as well as their Blog,Catch them on Tumblr.
And dont forget to give them a Tweet!

Stay super Kawaii!

Friday, 8 June 2012

A Gothic style

So I guess I may have found my style in the Fashion of Lolita is the style of Gothic I feel much more comfortable with Gothic stuff yet I do love my accessories of Kawaii and Kitsch not sure maybe I could make that work?! 

I do like to wear cute things but sweet Lolita is maybe to sweet for me,I think I will keep my cuteness to simple to today outfits,I have got a Gothic Lolita outfit on order which is very OTT and I am looking forward to using it but in the mean time I decided to give my newest wig a go with a Gothic outfit.

I teamed up a old Gothic Dress and Black lace blouse and my new rock hells,Should have used black tights instead of natural ones.
I do love my Gothic parasol it have purple flowers on top too!

I also went for a smarter Gothic chic look too 

This was easy to do I got out my skater dress and out a white blouse under it to make it look more like a Jumper skirt (JSK).

I also added a cute hair accessories to my hair of a Mega size daisy to make it more girly.

I hope to do more outfits soon! Maybe with more Gothic like make up with some cute added to it.
Any hows,
Stay super Kawaii!
Tartan x

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ji Ji Kiki your just so Kawaii!

Hi every one!
It feels like forever since I last posted but I've not really had much to post about,I  mean I have lots of great things to share but they are all surprises for you all and some things I can not tell you just yet as its all hush hush!

So! I sent in a order to Ji Ji Kiki and I was so excited when my email told me my order had been shipped but i had to wait a bit longer thanks to the bank holiday and queens jubilee.
But it came and I was like ''Sqweee''.


I ordered 2 items form the online shop found here! I went for the panda necklace I feel in love with it when they put it on there Facebook,It came all wrapped up in tissue paper and bubble wrap and each thing had its own little bag.
my goodies.
The Panda necklace is Panda cute!

Its one of those bubble chains and its a nice length,The pendent image is clear and the pendent its self is light weight so much so I forgot to take it off at bed time.


I love this so much its very me and any panda fan would love this too.
I'm glad I got the speech bubble one,teehee.

Geeky much 

Its just so sweet.

The other item is a ring I have a thing for rings always have,I have way to many and only have ten fingers but my dress ring finger and thumb ring never change because they are my wedding ring and Leo Diamond engagement ring,I have worn my Celtic thumb ring since I was at High school.( I thought it was cool.)I have worn it so long that I feel naked with out it.

So after a long time picking I went for a Kawaii ring the love heart speech bubble,I like how adorable and cute it is.
The Ring is also Light weight and is a free size so you can adjust it to your own size,This one also did not seem to catch on the under side or onto anything which is handy when you are staying Kawaii and changing Miss Chibi bean!
Again the image is sharp and clear and its a lot bigger than I thought but I'm glad,I can not wait to use it in with my outfits!


'Nya Nya'

It so just so fun and cute.

The Site is nice and easy to use and I got a Facebook discount too which you can also get if you like the facebook page and keep an eye on the page cause that where I get all my updates and sometimes Ji Ji Kiki will post up a special discount or Give away so its well worth liking the page!
Become and Ji Ji Kiki Fan to get your discount code.


I also got in touch with Ji Ji Kiki about doing a second Blog entry  for them and was over the moon when they wanted me to do a review of one of there products and sent me a little something extra in my order.Which brought a tear to my eye with their kindness!

''I love you Ji ji Kiki'' chu~

My suprise item was and it was featured in my Last Blog about Ji Ji Kiki !
Its the necklace that I said I really liked in the post,It's a super Kawaii Maneki-neko.

=^. .^=

Nya Nya

I am in love its expression on its lil face and the fact she is blushing (it could be a He?!).
 I like how there is alot of detail with this one withe little mouth and nose paws and again like the rest all of the image is sharp and very clear.It is nice and light to wear  with it being acrylic and the chain is about the same size and the other one 18' Long,Also the price is the best part its not going to brake the bank in any way!It sure did bring a smile to my face and go ''Nya Nya'' and I really hope she brings me lots of good luck my way cause I sometimes really do need it!

Get yours HERE!

The only problem I have know it picking which one to wear!
*puts them all on at once 'Kawaii Bling.'*


I am over the moon with my purchase and Love the products they are strong wearing pretty and most of all Kawaii.Not forgetting they also did not cost the earth to buy either!So with my new items I decided to make a Kawaii Kitsch Geek Nerd Look but my camera seem to not want to work so well today so  I have other ideas for using my new jewellery too so keep a eye out for those.
I really hope to order and review Ji Ji Kiki Products again they are just so cool and cute!.
Thank you Ji Ji Kiki  Look out for my Photos with your things in them!!!
Also dont forget guy you can find Ji Ji Kiki on Twitter so give them a Tweet and when your at it why not follow Me too!!!

Stay Super Kawaii!
Tartan x

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Stay Super Kawaii

You may have noticed I say 'Stay super Kawaii' at the end of my post entry's.
Some of you maybe like ...oh... How on earth can I stay super cute or just be cute every day with out trying to hard?!
Well is quite easy to stay cute every day and I am not saying that you have to go around in a baby like voice because you may get some really odd looks from those who are around you all the time notice a sudden change and be like huh?!
Am also not saying you have to litter your bedrooms and houses in Japanese cuteness or Anime and go a bit over load unless you want to do the above then go ahead ....but let's take some baby steps to staying cute.
Every one can be cute in one way or a other and like cute things or personally think something is cute.
So I am going to tell you how I keep up my cuteness and it can be very easy and it depends on the way that you look at it too.
Start off with picking out what you think is cute to you,as it really do not matter what others think,If you love bunnies or kittens then you go for it and don't let any one put you down this is your style and your fashion.
So lets look into what I think is cute,Well I am a bit of a yin yang when it comes to what I think is cute as I like Gothic stuff and some girly stuff at the same time so it really do depend on what you personally think is cute
So simple ways to staying cute, accessories has a big play in this,

  • Simply wearing something cute can make you feel that little bit more cuter every day.
  • Try looking for cute piece of Jewellery that stands out  that you can wear like Kawaii charm bracelet,a Ring, Necklace and Earrings but try not to go over the top keep it simple.(but if you want to then go for it.)
  • What about taking a cute handbag to work instead of a dull looking plain one you can find some great ones online!You can also get some funky cute handbag charms.
  • Make up can be made cute also (I will be doing some how to's in the future!)Try some sweet pastel colours in eye shadow or glittery shimmers.Lipsticks come in a range of colours too and some are flavoured which I think is cool and cute more so if they have candy or sweet flavours.Again keep it simple.
  • Prints can be cute too but again you want to maybe have one item that's print with something cute like butterflies or bows all over it can work too.Or go a bit more daring and get a tee with a big bold image like a love heart or a Kawaii smiley face that's quite baggy and team it up with shorts or skinny jeans.
  • Make your stuff interesting invest in a cute and cheerful stationary and notebooks will cheer up some dull meetings,I have a Choco Cat note book I use for shopping lists!
  • Dress up your phone get a pretty and cute phone cover and add an adorable charm to hang from it.
  • Key rings can be cute too.
  • Picking out cute hair accessories are a great way to keep cute from hair bows or flowers to hair bands and pretty hair clips!
  • Be creative by adding stickers and stick on gems to your things like Decoden  ideas over in Japan.
  • Smile,Is so simple but Smiling is CUTE or make a silly face it can be cute and do not forget to laugh too.
  • Try not to have the same cute things on every day of the week change it over so it do not become dull and boring.
  • Explore other alternative cute ideas like's of Fey/Gothic/White Goth/Harajuku/Punk/Sweet and Classic.
These are just some ideas,hints and tips and not all of them will work,you have to find out personally what works for you but I hope these ideas will inspire you even if it means you go out and buy one of those pens that are in pastle green and smell of mint for work or school,Being cute can tap into your inner child and its fun to let them get out to play from time to time.

My cutest and newest thing I have got is this,Its a rubber case in pink for my phone I saw it on the internet and was like aww cute!I do like baby bunnies and I have a thing for cute ears on things like hoodies and I feel in love with the pom pom tail.

This it the front view hehe I love the ears!

This is the back view and tail.

And from the side I love it so much the tail can be removed too.
Remember, staying cute will take a while and to get used to  but just remember the following: smile, be sweet, and be friendly not annoying or fake.

So Stay Super Kawaii
Tartan x